why choose elevate architectural transportables?

Quality high spec transportable buildings

Quality and design is what we are all about. Architecturally designed transportable buildings that are built to last and look great.
Stylish, contemporary kitchen
Elevate Homes team - architectural designers, interior designers, and construction project managers

Designed by architectural designers

Yes we have the qualifications but this is not what makes us good. We are passionate about design, we know spaces, we understand light, we live and breathe design…That's the difference. Together with our knowledge of Councils, consents and the construction industry and you've got a one stop shop for your next building project.

Unique architecture

This is at the heart of what we do and sets us apart from the rest. We want to create buildings that excite and inspire people. Who said transportable buildings need to be run of the mill!
Large exterior stacker slider doors with cedar surround
Outside shower on transportable home

Cost effective architecture

With the cost of building and land constantly rising, minimising the opportunity for cost overruns is essential. With an Elevate Architectural Transportable you know the cost from the outset. A quality architectural building with fixed costs.

Great spaces through clever design

Ever been into a house or building and wondered why it feels so right? Chances are its been designed by an Architectural Designer who understands the importance of layout, light and space. Thats why people love our buildings.
Open plan living room, dining room and kitchen
Entertainment unit in lounge/ living room

Flexible design to suit client requirements

At Elevate Architectural Transportables you have the Designers at your finger tips. The sky's the limit, let us work with you to get the best design possible.

Once the building is priced, the price is fixed

A major benefit of buying an Elevate Architectural Transportable is you know what the building will cost before it's built. No more cost overruns.
Elevate prefab transportable home on the beach front, north island NZ