How we Work - The Design and Build Process

A Step by Step Guide...

Our whole philosophy is to provide beautifully designed and finished prefabricated homes in the most straight forward, hassle-free way possible.

Follow the step-by-step process below and also find the answers to some commonly asked questions in our FAQ section.

Step 1: Select Floor Plan and Roof Style

Browse through our selection of house models and find the floor plan that best suits your lifestyle and requirements. The quickest and most cost-effective option is to choose one of our standard floor plans. Our in-house architectural team can of course modify plans to suit and can also create custom, bespoke plans, but additional design fees may apply.

Once the floor plan has been chosen, the next step is to select the roof style you prefer, either Box, Barn or Tilt.

Note: It’s advised that you talk to a Planner at your local Council, if you haven’t already done so, to check that moving a transportable house is permitted on your section, and any other specific requirements relating to your site. 

Step 2: Site Check

We will do a preliminary site check to make sure the house you’ve chosen can fit within the setbacks, boundaries and height restrictions on your site.

Step 3: Transport Delivery Check

We can have one of specialist house transport companies, assess the feasibility of transporting the house to your site. 

Step 4: Geotech Report 

We recommended you engage a local engineer to provide a Geotech, storm water and waste water (septic) report on the site. These reports will be required for the onsite consent for your local Council. At this stage of the process we can provide an estimate for the onsite consent work, if required. 

Note: All Elevate homes come with a building consent for the house itself, but an onsite building consent is also required from the local Council in the region the house will be moved to. This consent is to show compliance with local town planning/ building rules i.e. boundary setbacks, foundations, service connections etc. We generally manage the full consent process to ensure continuity of the project but if you prefer you can arrange for a local architectural firm to complete the onsite consent part of the process. 

Step 5: House Price Estimate

If you are happy to go ahead with the standard floor plan and specifications for your chosen house, we can prepare a standard contract. However, if you would want to stamp your own personality on your new home with floor plan or specification changes and/or upgrades we can prepare a full price estimate, concept floor plan and elevations, with a deposit of $3000 (incl. gst). This amount is non-refundable unless the project goes ahead, in which case, it will be deducted from the initial deposit payment on contract signing.

Step 6: Contract Preparation

Once you have agreed on the pricing estimate and concept floor plan, we can prepare a contract.  The contract documentation includes a detailed floor plan, external elevations, electrical plan, finishes plan and internal elevations for the kitchen, laundry, scullery and entertainment unit etc. plus the full specification list for the build. We can commence with contract preparation with a deposit of $3000 (incl. gst). This amount is non-refundable unless the project goes ahead, in which case, it will be deducted from the initial deposit payment on contract signing.

Step 7: Contract Signed. Building Consents Prepared and Submitted to Councils

Once the contract is signed our architectural team complete the construction drawings for the building consent and the onsite building consent at the same time. Once submitted the Councils then have 20 working days to process the applications, although this can be extended if they request further information.

In the meantime, our interior design team get in touch to go over some initial house decisions, including roofing/cladding colour and the aluminum joinery and glass tint colour, so we can order the correct materials as soon possible to speed up the build process.

Step 8: Consents Issued. Building Begins 

Once building consent is issued, we can start construction of the building. Then the fun begins! Our interior design team will be back in touch to organise a meeting to go through each room of your home to decide on colours, finishes, electrical requirements etc. Our experienced interior and kitchen designers take you through this process and offer as much (or as little!) guidance as you need to make the best choices for your home. 

Step 9: During the Build

We keep in touch on a regular basis during the build, taking photos of progress and keeping you in the loop at each stage of construction. We love it when clients pop in to check on their house but there’s no pressure for you to do so, especially if you live a long distance away. We do recommend, however, that you come in person, if you can, for a final inspection of the house so you have peace of mind that everything is as you expect before the house delivery.  

While your house is under construction, we recommend you engage a local builder or project manager who can set out the building area and project manage the sub-contractors to connect the services etc. once your house arrives on site. We provide a checklist that you can give to your builder, of what needs to happen on site prior to and after the house is delivered. 

Step 10: House Transport and Delivery

We liaise with the house transport company on your behalf to determine the level of protection the house may require for transport and the house pick-up and delivery date. The house is insured while it is under construction but it is recommended that transit insurance is taken out for the transport journey. Transit insurance is organised and paid directly to the house transport company. 

Step 11: House Delivered

Once your new home has been safely delivered to your site, your local builder and other contractors (employed by you) finish off the onsite side of the project. They take care of the connection to services, building decks/ baseboards, landscaping and driveways etc. Our homes all come with a Code Compliance for the house itself, but your builder will also need to arrange for the final onsite Code Compliance for the project. 

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