What we're doing to preserve and protect our environment...

Prefabricated housing is often touted as a more environmentally sound and efficient way to build.

At Elevate Homes building efficiently and sustainably with a conscious and concerted effort to reduce the impact of our operation, is paramount. We actively seek new and innovative ways to positively impact and protect our environment.

Read more about the ‘green’ benefits of prefabricated building and some of our sustainable initiatives below.

Low carbon building materials made from upcycled packaging:

Low carbon building materials made from upcycled packaging:
We use Saveboard betterBRACE Rigid Air Barrier product as additional bracing in all of our homes. Saveboard is made from 100% recycled materials and is revolutionary in that it takes the soft plastics used in our construction process plus other everyday packaging waste, and turns it into sustainable, high performing, low carbon building products.

Every sheet of Saveboard that we use in our houses makes a positive difference. It’s a win-win for us and the environment.


Not only are our soft plastics recycled, we also significantly reduce other waste by recycling all of our metal, plaster board and cardboard. We have dedicated waste bins stationed around our plant where we sort and separate all of the materials used on site.

We work with local recycling centres to make sure that nothing gets wasted, with the ultimate goal of cutting down our greenhouse gas emissions and landfill space.

Reuse and repurposing of materials:

As our construction process is more streamlined and is all in one place, there is less waste overall and a much greater reuse and repurposing of materials. Our home designs have been tweaked and refined over many years, so we build to a formula that results in much less material waste. We know in advance what materials in the exact quantities will be required and also actively repurpose any material offcuts in other areas and projects.

Shorter, more streamlined construction:

Building houses all at once in a controlled environment allows us to have continuity in our build process, with very little down time. For instance, we can move our builders and tradespeople between jobs on site to avoid weather-related or material shortage delays.

Our homes are built while the destination site is being prepared, which also significantly speeds up the process.  A shorter, more streamlined construction process ultimately reduces waste and saves significantly on resources, energy and emissions.

Minimal site disturbance and less emissions:

We reduce our impact on the local community by having fewer vehicle movements on our site and on the delivery site, than there would be on a traditional construction project. Fewer trips are needed to deliver materials and equipment and workers and contractors don’t have to commute to different building sites to complete multiple builds.

Our homes are delivered completed, ready to be connected on site with minimal disruption. This means less noise, dust, congestion, and carbon emissions for the surrounding area.

Durable, energy-efficient homes built to last:

As many elements of our house builds have been tested numerous times our experienced tradespeople are better positioned to do the work efficiently, safely and accurately. The outcome is a higher-quality building with greater integrity of design, form, and function and less waste of resources and energy.

A home that is built to last also reduces the maintenance and energy costs throughout its lifecycle. We don’t compromise on quality and have high expectations of the materials and processes used to construct our homes. Our focus is on efficiencies that lead to building longevity, energy-efficiency and the long-term performance and durability of the home.

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