whangamata lite barn 130 transportable home

Family friends shared a section at the popular beach destination - Whangamata. Both families wanted quality homes and loved the idea of a hassle-free off site build that could be built quickly and delivered in time for the approaching summer months. So that’s where Elevate stepped in…

Both families decided on a new Lite Barn 130 model. So featured below is Elevate's first ever, official 'Lite' model building - a contemporary three-bedroom/ two-bathroom holiday home. The house has the same style and quality as a standard Elevate home - just without some of the non-essential bells and whistles. As you can see from the photos this cost-effective home lacks none of the essential Elevate charm! 

The homes are now situated side by side in Whangamata, and after spending their first summer living in the home, one of the owners Tim and Tiffany Woods says, “We’re absolutely loving this house!".

Find out more about the Wood's home design and build experience below.

What our clients had to say...

Hamilton couple Tim and Tiffany Woods had a section in Whangamata that they were keen to start using as their holiday getaway spot. They wanted a quality, contemporary family beach house and loved the idea of a hassle-free off site build that could be built quickly and delivered in time for the approaching summer months. 

Tell us about your home and who will be living in it.
The house will be used as our holiday home in Whangamata, it will just be us living in it and friends and family from time to time.

Why did you choose to purchase a transportable home over an on-site built home?
In the end it came down to cost, we originally had plans drawn to build two architecturally designed houses on our section, but after pricing it with local builders it was just too expensive to build onsite in Whangamata. Also trying to project manage a build happening in Whangamata from Hamilton was a factor in our decision to go with Elevate.

Why did you end up choosing an Elevate Home?
We choose Elevate because of the quality of the homes, we looked at other transportable companies, but they didn’t compare to Elevate.

How did you find the building process?
We found dealing with the team great, 90% of our dealings were with John and we can’t speak highly enough of him. Everything we asked for was accommodated and we made changes along the way which were also no problem.

What part of the house are you most happy with? 
We love the whole house, but the open plan living area/ kitchen is awesome, we also love the cladding.

What is your advice for someone interested, but not too sure, about purchasing a transportable home?
Our advice would be to go for it, it’s an easy process and value for money. Unfortunately, in general, transportable homes are seen as low cost and low quality so most people don’t consider them as an option. We have had so many people come and knock on our door asking about our house, they can’t believe it’s a transportable home, on average we have had one person a day walk in and talk to us about the house and have shown a few people through it as well. Both houses have been the talk of Whangamata and we have had such positive feedback, everyone just loves them.

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