pinot grove box 130 transportable home

Busy Wellington lawyer May-Ana Tirikatene- Sullivan, wanted a simplistic yet stylish, low maintenance, easy living holiday home to share with her extended family and friends. After experiencing the stress of on-site building projects she decided she wanted a more relaxed, straight forward and timely building experience. So she turned to Elevate Homes and ended up very glad she did! 

Her new home is exactly as she envisioned - a two bathroom, three bedroom house with a well-equipped kitchen. May-Ana says it's low maintenance, well-constructed, uncomplicated, easy to heat in winter and with wonderful indoor-outdoor flow that works seamlessly with a large group. The building experience she also describes as rewarding, relaxed and speedy! She says, "The home only took 10 months from genesis to completion - the home was designed, constructed, soft furnished, installed with a heat pump, fire place, bedroom heating and entertainment system. It was also transported, piled, and the deck built within that time."

Find out more about May-Ana's experience below. 

What our clients had to say...

May-Ana says, "An absence of ‘architects’ syndrome’ helped make this Elevate 130 build a rewarding and inspiring experience." We find out more below...

Tell us about your home and who will be living in it
I had a vision of a peaceful, relaxed, easy-flowing home that would suit my extended family to join together in holiday unity. I sought a weekend, low maintenance, well-constructed, uncomplicated home that would be easy to heat in winter and have an indoor-outdoor flow that seamlessly worked with a large group. I wanted two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a well-equipped kitchen.

Why did you choose to purchase a transportable home over an on-site built home?
I drove past an Elevate home one day and was instantly struck by its clever architectural design. I could see large useful well positioned windows, fantastic huge open slider glass doors and an excellent balance of living, dining and bedroom positioning. I liked its simplicity, louvers, low slant roof and the joinery both internally and externally worked well.

Having been through a recent on-site build I knew the heavy commitment of time and meetings etc. In short it was stressful with known and unknown variables. 

In contrast, a transportable is perfected through same site location and working predictably and harmoniously together with an experienced team. It’s a controlled carefully chosen environment that cuts the risks of unknowns dramatically. 

Why did you end up choosing an Elevate Home?
I liked the team itself after I flew to meet them in their working environment and saw instantly that they were passionate, anticipated needs, learnt through experience, and knew what worked well. This allowed extra time to spend consulting their actual client rather than smoothing our issues that inevitably arise during on site builds.

Speed is a significant factor in any build, mostly the delays are the dreaded highlight, however not with an Elevate transportable. My home was in production for only 10 months from genesis to completion - the home was constructed, soft furnished, installed with a heat pump, fire place, bedroom heating and entertainment system. It was also transported, piled, and the deck built within that time. 

How did you find the building process?
Rewarding and inspiring, easy, relaxed and not stress fueled as my other on-site building experiences have been. Each member of the team goes to great lengths to see the clients’ ideas through to bearing practical fruit. They are well researched and in touch with developing trends yet respectful of one’s budget and thus I never felt hijacked by big spending ‘architects’ syndrome’ i.e. their genius yet your pocket. 

What part of the house are you most happy with? 
The indoor-outdoor flow of the lounge, dining and kitchen through the massive sliders onto my huge deck. Also, the master bedroom, generous walk-in wardrobe and comfortable ensuite. It feels expensive and extensive yet takes up a relatively small footprint. The butler’s pantry is exceptional.

What is your advice for someone interested, but not too sure, about purchasing a transportable home?
Don’t hesitate! Focus on how perfection can be realized via a steady durable system of consistent standards in a controlled environment. Do not be put off by worry or anxiety about the physical stuff of the home, experts are involved with vast experience. 

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