mystery creek barn 130 transportable home

This gabled modern barn relocatable home has been moved to its forever location and has settled beautifully in to the rural Kaipaki surrounds - even the horses seem to be taking the new neighbour in their stride!

The striking ebony iron and manuka stained cedar exterior, complement our client's stunning selection of luxurious interiors. The kitchen, as the focal point of the main living area, is both smart and sophisticated with a solid timber American White Ash waterfall dining table, Primestone marble bench tops and black puregrain kitchen cabinetry.

Each of the three bedrooms are well appointed and beautifully presented in a chic, country style and the tiled bathrooms with black tapware, frameless glass showers and wall hung vanities are simple and stylish.

What our clients had to say...

Louise, Leighton and Kelly Van Dyk, owners of a thoroughbred horse farm in Mystery Creek, fell in love with the design of the Elevate Barn 130 the moment they first set eyes on one. With an eye for design, the Van Dyks were looking for a stylish, well-constructed home, for daughter Kelly, to move on to their stunning rural property. They also wanted the flexibility to be able to move the building off and relocate it to a beach section at a later stage. Their chosen Elevate transportable home managed to tick all of the boxes!

Tell us about your home and who now lives in it.
The house is located on our thoroughbred horse farm and is for our daughter, who also manages the farm. This is her permanent home.

Why did you choose to purchase a transportable home over an on-site built home?
We didn’t want the stress of managing an on-site build. And a relocatable home also gives us options later if we decide to build a larger home. We could then move the transportable building to a beach section.

Why did you end up choosing an Elevate Home?
The homes have a fantastic architectural design with great features and space. We loved the design from the first viewing. They are quality and we believe they are a class above any other transportable home.

How did you find the building process?
The team at Elevate Homes were great to deal with – very helpful and approachable.

What part of the house are you most happy with? 
The storage is amazing! However, we love the kitchen and scullery.

What is your advice for someone interested, but not too sure, about purchasing a transportable home?
The process is just so easy! Less stress and less mess. The house is incredible and beautiful, we are just so thrilled with the result. We loved the concept from day one but the result we have has surpassed our dreams and expectations. It really means more than you can imagine - we all truly love it!

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