What our clients have to say...

A light, bright and beachy Elevate Very LongBox settles peacefully into beautiful, coastal Whangapoua

Auckland couple Terry and Fiona Lawrence, embarked on building an Elevate Very LongBox home (now called Box 131) while in the middle of a large renovation project in Auckland. Luckily, they found the Elevate build process a breeze and within months they had a brand new holiday home moved on to their own Slice of Paradise in Whangapoua, Coromandel Peninsula. Terry tell us more about the build process and the benefits of a transportable home.

Tell us about your home and who will be living in it.
Our home is going to be used as both a holiday house for us and our family and also a holiday rental so we can get some return from our investment.

Why did you choose to purchase a transportable home over an on-site built home?
Fiona and I had an architect design a holiday home for us. We had to re-evaluate after getting quotes back which were well above what we wished to spend. A renovation project we have going on in Auckland didn't help either. So we started to look at options, such as moving a house on to our beach site. We then had a look at transportable homes online and came across Elevate homes. 

Fiona and I went to Cambridge and met with Lee. Lee's enthusiasm and passion to produce a high-end quality and cost effective architectural transportable and being able to see a LongBox home on site, in the yard, won us over. We wanted to have certainty on build cost and felt that the transportable would give us a lot more certainty around the price compared to building on site. We are so wary of variation costs after our renovation in Auckland.

Why did you end up choosing an Elevate Home?
Fantastic product, high quality, great design, good price and superb energetic positive people with Lee and his team. Lee bent over backwards to deliver what we wanted including making some design changes to create the Very LongBox.

How did you find the building process?
Stress free! Nothing was a problem. Quality control is on site with Lee and the team. Building consents, engineers, interior design, it was all done for us - the build was an absolute breeze.

What part of the house are you most happy with?
The overall floor plan works so well! Perfect for our beach home and indoor, outdoor living. We do love the privacy screen outside the master bedroom though.

What is your advice for someone interested, but not too sure, about purchasing a transportable home?
Go and meet Lee and his team. Have a look at the homes on the yard or go and see some of Elevate customers’ houses.

White kitchen with an in built American oak timber dining table
Living area and entertainment unit in an Elevate transportable home
Master bedroom with feature privacy screen in an Elevate transportable home
Modern bedroom in an Elevate transportable home
Light, white bathroom with light timber laminate floors in an Elevate transportable home