cambridge barn 70 transportable home

This charming home with its harmonious blend of earthy tones, is a Barn 70 transportable home with a covered hard wood deck. It features a large master bedroom, combined bathroom and laundry, spacious main living area and a contemporary kitchen with an abundance of storage.

It’s the smallest model home in the Elevate Homes range and is the perfect size to add as a secondary dwelling on existing properties.

The Elevate 70 has become a particularly popular option to accommodate the overflow of family members, as multi-generational living arrangements and families choosing to live together for longer, becomes increasingly more common.

In this case, Mother and adult daughter are sharing a section, with the main dwelling lived in by the daughter while across the back yard, Mum gets to enjoy this beautiful, maintenance- friendly, highly energy efficient home.

221 Hannon Road, Cambridge 3493
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