What our clients have to say...

A big move for home owners, and their new Elevate home...

Our lovely clients made the move from their long-term home in Raglan to Pinot Grove in Martinborough and took an Elevate home along with them! With such a big move to unfamiliar territory, they could be sure at least, that the house they'd be living in felt like home. 

Tell us about your home and who will be living in it.
This house is a modified Elevate Box 130. It has 130m2 floor area with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms an office and separate laundry and scullery. If will be our full time home. 

Why did you choose to purchase a transportable home over an on-site built home?
We initially heard about Elevate from my brother who was living in Sydney at the time. He'd seen it on the internet and was impressed.

We chose to purchase a transportable home over an on-site built house because there are less hidden costs and we knew what we were getting for our money. 

Why did you end up choosing an Elevate Home?
We chose an Elevate Home because when we first walked into the show home in Cambridge, we just thought "we could live in this".

How did you find the building process?
The building process and dealing with the Elevate Homes team was wonderful. We have loved the whole process. It was actually a shame when it came to an end. We would certainly recommend them - and we do - as often people (strangers) call in to talk about our new house and we show them around it. We have absolutely no complaints about anything. 

What part of the house are you most happy with? 
The best part of our house - all of it! We wouldn't change a thing.

What is your advice for someone interested, but not too sure, about purchasing a transportable home?
We liked the idea of more compact living. We would definitely encourage people to purchase a transportable home. Make sure you have someone at the destination who will organise the connections with tradies etc.  

Check out the gallery to view photos of this home..

Open plan living, dining and kitchen in an Elevate transportable home
OPen plan living and dining room with laminate flooring
Black kitchen with black stone kitchen bench with rustic tiles for splashback
Goose neck black kitchen faucet and tap in an Elevate architectural home